BTEC Sport Unit 22 – Private Sector

Here I share my experiences of using Quizlet recently to teach the key terminology associated with the main aims and objectives of the private sector within unit 22 of the Level 3 National Diploma in Sport. A simple lesson plan, if you like.

First, I created a set of flashcards (11 in total) of the key terminology my students need know. The key terms were taken from the specification and textbook and I used the helpful suggestion feature in Quizlet to help me tailor the descriptions of each piece of terminology so that it was accessible to my learners.

Next, I printed three sets of large flashcards and cut them up so that the key terms and descriptions were separated.

I divided my BTEC class into three groups and distributed the three flashcard sets to each group. Their first task, in their groups, was to match the key term with the correct corresponding description.

Once they had successfully completed that task and having checked for understanding as a whole class, we developed the challenge and played the ‘memory game’ (also known as pelmanism).

In this activity all the flashcards were placed face down and students played the game in teams of two, whereby they turn one card over to reveal a key term (for example) and they then have to find the corresponding description. A matching pair is kept by the team. If the two cards do not correspond, both cards are turned face down again and returned to their original position. The other team then has a go at matching two correct cards. This is a useful exercise because it involves a lot of repetition and revisiting key terms and descriptions.

When the groups had finished playing the memory game, they logged onto Quizlet on their iPads or laptops and spent time working independently studying the same set of digital flashcards. In particular, I encouraged them to use the ‘Learn’, ‘Flashcards’ and ‘Match’ features on Quizlet.

To learn more about these features, click here.

After a period of time, all of the students were instructed to navigate to the ‘Test’ feature, where they had to complete a Quizlet test using the multiple choice, true / false and matching options. I circulated and noted individual student scores and provided feedback where necessary.

Following this, I set up a Quizlet Live session. This is a fun way for students to see the extent of their learning.

Finally, with all devices out of sight, having used the print function in Quizlet, I gave my students a hand out of a glossary of the key terms and I asked my students to complete the following task:

Using the key terms you have studied, explain the main aims and objectives of the private sector. Develop your points and provide examples from businesses in the SAL industry.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Quizlet effectively for teaching and learning, why not enrol in my free online course here?



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